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NHH Alumni Interviews Class of 2019: Aylen

Graduation is a time for celebration. It is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. An academic journey reaching its end so that a new chapter can begin. Though it is a time to celebrate, it can also be a time of mourning as well. Transitioning out of a phase of life that you have been in for years and become accustomed to can be scary, and often comes with a new set of challenges. We had a chance to interview an alumni of Neighborhood Homework House about her high school experience, and also to hear about how Neighborhood Homework House had an impact on her life. The alumni’s name is Aylen! and she graduated from Azusa High School on June 4, 2019. One of the questions that high-school graduates always get asked is, so what are you going to do after you graduate? And Aylen already has a clear idea of the direction that she is intending to go in now that she is finished with high school. Aylen is going to be attending Citrus College and wants to major in Business, expressing that after finishing college she is interested in going into the science and technology field.

Each person experiences common challenges in high school, whether it is keeping up with grades, making and maintaining friendships, or participating in any extracurricular activities that they might be involved in. That said, each person has unique challenges that they face as well, ones that other people may not understand or be aware of. When we asked Aylen what a struggle she dealt with was, she said in her freshman years that time management became difficult when she started playing sports--balancing academics while being an athlete proved to be challenging. Her time in high school was more than just facing trials though, and upon being asked what part of high school she enjoyed the most, she said playing soccer because it allowed her to become more outgoing and get out of her comfort zone. Aylen made friends on the soccer team and was even able to meet kids from other schools through her games.

They say hindsight is 20/20, and with that in mind we asked Aylen if she had any advice for the freshman version of herself. Her advice was to remember the prioritize her studies over sports, and not let herself fall behind on homework. In closing, while reflecting on how Neighborhood Homework House helped prepare her for the future, she stated that it helped her become more talkative, and not only receive help with her homework, but form relationships with mentors and confide in them.

We hope you enjoyed getting a small glimpse into Aylen's life story. She is just one example of a person, like so many out there, who was able to pursue her academic goals--thanks to her own determination and work ethic, and also with a little help from people who truly care.

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