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Volunteer Orientation & Application
What are the steps in becoming a volunteer?

  1. Complete the online application (you will be contacted in 3-5 days after filling out the application)

  2. Be fingerprinted (cost: $25, required of all adult volunteers 18+ for semester/year-long volunteer commitments) and submit proof of livescan

  3. Complete an on-site training session with a program director (by appointment)

  4. Start working with a student or group of students!

In order to provide a safe environment to students, staff, parents, and volunteers, Homework House does not allow individuals with criminal records to volunteer. If you have reason to believe that any such record will be found during the screening process, please discontinue the enrollment process.

***Please note: We recruit volunteers at the beginning of each academic semester (Aug/Sept & Jan/Feb). During our non-peak volunteer recruitment months it may take us a little longer for us to get back to you. Any questions about this? Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at thank you! 

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