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Facebook Birthday Fundraiser

One of the best parts of Facebook is the annual birthday celebration -- twenty-four hours of LOVE from friends, family and the likes where most of us end up feeling like royalty which almost makes up for getting another year older. Did you know now Facebook has added a function where users can do a birthday fundraiser to leverage this attention surrounding their birthday? Better still, that users can choose Neighborhood Homework House to be the recipient of their fundraiser? In October, ED Jennifer Hicks tested the waters on this new function and with very little effort raised over $1600! We’d love for you to consider to choose us on your next birthday.

How do you give your birthday to NHH or any cause on FB?

Two weeks before your birthday, a message from FB will come through on your newsfeed, inviting you to create a fundraiser for your big day. The prompts are very easy to navigate, but you will be asked to choose one of the over half a million US non-profits available on FB, which includes Neighborhood Homework House.

Once you’ve created a fundraiser for your big day, consider doing a few things…

Set a reasonable goal. Don’t overestimate how much your friends will give. It is better to choose an amount you can achieve rather than one too big, or else your people are intimidated.

Get the pot started. When it comes to crowdfunding, which is basically what this is, you have to think about how the crowd at a pool party works. No one wants to be the first to jump into the pool! On the other hand, once the pool starts to fill up, people want to join in. The same is true for crowdfunding -- people don’t want to make the first gift but will respond as they see others giving, even if it is you. Better still, if they feel like their gift can be the final push to achieve the goal.

Match your donors. While this might seem like a huge commitment, if your goal is reasonable, you will be surprised how much the match motivates the masses.

Invite your friends. Take the time to invite all of your friends to your event. This will be sure to get your fundraiser in their feed.

Post, post and repost. Your message will only get out to your friends as often as you push it. Better still if you tag NHH.

Thank and tag your people. Thank those who give by tagging them in a post with your fundraiser. Not only will this get your fundraiser out there again, it will motivate a simple dose of peer pressure. Be cautious on this as some friends might want to give in private.

Want to learn more? Click HERE to read about all the details straight from Facebook itself.

Get started -- go HERE today.

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