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Our Work

Early Childhood

Our Early Childhood program offers a Mommy and Me program for children 0-2 years of age that provides an opportunity for mothers to celebrate their child's milestones and share about their experiences as parents. We also have a School Readiness program developed for children 3-4 years of age that focuses on language development and social learning.


The Elementary program offers homework assistance by pairing tutors in 1:2 / 1:3 ratio for academic success, creating supplemental workbooks and prescriptive work plan, mentoring students through a character formation program, and creating opportunities for positive social interactions. Children have opportunities to participate in other activities including field trips, enrichment activities, prayer, bible study, arts and sports.


The Junior High program offers homework assistance by pairing tutors in 1:3 ratio for academic success, creating supplemental workbooks, and placing students in mentoring groups to discuss character formation.  The Senior High program offers a study hall space for students, coaching towards academic success, curriculum to prepare students for life after high school, and resource field trips. Both our Junior and Senior High students have opportunities to participate in other activities including visiting local colleges, attending overnight Christian camp, bible studies, faith exploration, enrichment activities, civic engagement, arts and sports.


For parents, we offer seminars, computer-based adult literacy in English and Spanish, leadership opportunities in the parent committee, a network of familial support groups, and coordinate neighborhood building events.

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Our alumni program is a way to continue the relationships built at NHH after graduation. We stay connected with our alumni as they move onto college by providing mentorship and community.

   - Maria, parent of 2 NHH students

"Neighborhood Homework House is a really good program for families who have kids with disabilities, financial trouble, or for people experiencing language barriers. It has helped our family so much and I trust them with my kids" 

-Rocio, parent of NHH teens

"Neighborhood Homework House means a lot for a parent. The extra support is beautiful. They even helped me fill out applications and forms that I didn't understand. The staff is always willing to help. There are never "no's"--if they can't do it at the moment, they always set aside time later to help. I feel very supported because it takes a village to raise a child."

-Adriana, parent of a NHH

"At Neighborhood Homework House my daughter is surrounded by good people who tells her she can accomplish anything. They praise and support all our kids and they aren't even theirs!"

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