Learning Seminars

Volunteers are required to complete at least one learning seminar each academic semester.  We are continuing to add topics based on your suggestions so please notify us of your interests.  These seminars are expected to take 30-45 minutes to complete including watching any required video clips and filling out any questions or reflections.  Thank you for your time!

Achievement Gap


This seminar will help you understand where are the inequities, some of the contributing factors, what you can do to remove some of the barriers.  Our goal is for you to be better informed as to the obstacles your students are facing and how your time volunteering can be used to address them.

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English Language Learner


This seminar will provide you with learning/teaching strategies for ELL students, help you understand their experience, and build from their assets. Our goal is for you to have more tools when engaging an ELL to create optimal learning experiences.

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Building Rapport


This seminar will assist you in building rapport and growing closer in your relationships with your students. Our goal is for you to incorporate personal conversations within your mentoring sessions so that you can have a better understanding of your students. 

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Unforeseen Benefits to Volunteering


At Homework House we appreciate all of our volunteers! Your time, commitment, and dedication are apparent in the smiles and work of the students you tutor and mentor. We have done our research: volunteering is beneficial! We found this information relevant and now want to pass what we have found along to you.

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Challenges in Early Education


This seminar will help you understand how to better work with our school readiness children. It goes over managing separation anxiety, discipline, managing challenging behaviors, and using music in the classroom. Our goal is for you to have more knowledge on working with preschoolers and show you ways to create a positive learning environment. 

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The Value of Common Core


As you have noticed the school system has undergone change in its standards and now requires the use of Common Core. At Homework House we want to continue serving our students by providing resources for volunteers who are learning this new process.  We want to focus on the value of Common Core for the benefit of our students. This learning seminar utilizes helpful videos and resources so that you can actively engage in your students' education!

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Misunderstood Minds

As an academic mentor and tutor you might find that some of your students have special needs that require different attention. This webinar explores learning disabilities in children & offer ways you can help meet our students needs. 

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Art and Early Childhood Development

Art has many benefits in the early developmental years of a child. We are going to watch a few videos to explore how does art help children learn and grow at the early stage.

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How to Get to Know Your Child

This learning seminar will explain why it is so important to get to know your child on a personal level. Our goal is for you to learn how to learn more about the child you are working with and give tips on how to interact with them. 

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Teen Development

Let's be honest: adolescence can be tricky time for many teens! We want to make sure you know what is going on in the mind of you teen. This webinar explores teen development and how you can better connect with your teen student. 

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Parent Engagement

For this Online Learning Seminar you will watch a variety of different video clips in regard to interacting with adult leaders and learners. In addition, you will learn about the crucial role this population plays in the holistic success of youth and children.

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Immigration from a Biblical Perspective

This presentation explores how we can have a Biblical approach to immigration. Please note that because immigration policy  is constantly changing and new pieces of legislature are always being adapted, some of this information might be out of date [11/19]. This seminar was adapted from presentation created by Bethany Anderson, Immigration Initiative Director at Solidarity.

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