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Finding God in Medieval Times

No, not the restaurant Medieval Times. Although the kids would have been fascinated by that excursion, I am referring to Th' Quest which was a week-long experience at Glenkirk Church in Glendora. The whole church campus was set during medieval times with castles, princes, princesses, knights, and even jesters. Students joined in the fun by selecting team names like "Majestic Mice." Leaders taught students through various games, crafts, object lessons, and songs to be strong through God's love, families and friends, prayer, trust in God, and the Bible.

Our students look forward to the themes, memories to be made, and activities. We look forward to seeing students dance without reserve, make decisions to live life with God, and especially learn His promises. Each day on the way home, students would reminisce about years before.

"Have we always come here?" asked a fourth grade boy. "No," I replied. "We've been coming here for four years now." "Have you ever come without me?" he asked. "Yes, one year," I responded. "Can you tell me about that year?" he asked. And my heart smiled.

On the last day, one of our third grade girls came down with a fever. A Glenkirk staff member prayed and comforted her a while in the nurse's office. To avoid infecting other children, she was placed in a separate room and laid down to rest with Ali Clark, NHH Program Director. She quietly cried as she waited for her mom to pick her up. "What are you thinking about?" asked Ali. "That God loves me," the girl sweetly replied.

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