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¡Viva Los Dodgers y la Homework House!

"It was so amazing!" exclaimed a Homework House father, awestruck after just meeting and shaking hands with Adrian Gonzalez, first baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Early Sunday morning, June 30, 2013, sixty-five Homework House children and families gathered to carpool to Dodger's Stadium wearing our best blue and white thanks to tickets gifted by Dodger Adrian Gonzalez and his wife Betsy. Waiting anxiously outside for the gates to open, we reviewed the rules of baseball for the younger ones and the fathers talked stats and players.

Pulling in the parking lot, booming Spanish music played from the outdoor fair and we quickly lined up in front of the entrance to join the fun. The event was Viva Los Dodgers which celebrates the Dodgers deep roots in the Hispanic community. As we got ready to enter, a white suburban quickly pulled up and Adrian Gonzalez stepped out to welcome us, shake our hands, and take a group photo. After leaving, we all stood starstruck for a brief time. Upon entering the event, the Dodgers gifted every child with a performance jersey to get ready for the game. We enjoyed raffles, free swag, and salsa music by . Towards the end, Rafael Gonzalez, Director of Community Relations, called Alicia Ayala, Homework House Community Parent Lead, on stage to honor her with an award for Community Hero. She was honored and touched! As a staff of Homework House, I was grateful for a platform, aside from our own, to honor all of her hard work, passion, and leadership skills.

Then, we entered the stadium and enjoyed the All-You-Can-Eat Pavilion in right outfield. With our fill of nachos, Dodger Dogs, and soda in our bellies, we found our seats and prepared for Dodger domination against the Phillies! Before the game began, Homework House made its debut on the big screen (video featured at the top) and shortly after a sportscaster interviewed a Dodger Community Relations staffer regarding her impressions of the organization from her visit. Again, the families felt appreciated and valued. At the end of a Dodger win (6-1), the children celebrated by running the bases.

We thank Adrian Gonzalez, his wife Betsy, and the Los Angeles Dodgers for providing an opportunity for families to enjoy time together and create memories that may not have been financially possible. Thank you Viva Los Dodgers for honoring indigenous leaders like Alicia and supporting the work that the Homework House does!

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