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One-time volunteer opportunities

Want to stay connected to Neighborhood Homework House but are no longer able to volunteer weekly as a tutor?  We’d love to plug you into opportunities for a one-time project.

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In some cases these options will be to go; meaning we will provide you with all of the supplies needed, you take them home and work independently. Think donor thank you cards, birthday cards, etc. In other cases, all work will be on site. Think of an extra set of hands for a holiday party. There are all kinds of projects; we’d love to keep you in mind as they come up.

Join our Core Club

For as little as $10 a month, you can rewrite the future of a generation of Azusa students. Most of NHH’s donors are regular people, like you, who understand that even a small investment can be a game changer for Azusa students. They are not waiting

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 until they strike it rich, land their dream job or get that big break to invest in Azusa students -- they are doing it now. (Check out the story of one donor, Kim, on why she gives to Neighborhood Homework House HERE!)  

Shop NHH's Amazon Wist list

Pretty much anything we use at NHH on a daily basis is on our Amazon wish list. Think printer ink, glue sticks, scissors, etc -- the sky's the limit after all they pretty much sell everything on Amazon, right?

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Invest in the Class of 2022

Will you help the class of 2022 successfully transition to college this spring?   Will you help our college-bound seniors with all they need to successfully launch their college careers? Your gift will ensure they

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receive individualized guidance-counseling-style services, campus tours, scholarship application support, and so much more to thrive in college.  Please provide for as many students as you can this spring.

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