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Summer Opportunities

Volunteering does not have to end with the school year! Homework House offers several summer programs for our students and we are always looking for volunteers to make these programs even more special for our students!

Occasional Angels

Due to the end of college semesters, a majority of our academic tutors leave at the end of April. This allows an "Occasional Angel" to swoop in and fill those shoes during the month May.  This is a great opportunity for large groups, working professionals, and other individuals to join our work to help a student finish the semester strong.  


As an individual, there is no minimum time commitment. You can choose to volunteer for one session or stay for the month of May to ensure that our students finish the year strong! Please contact with any questions or click the link above or below to sign up!

Business/Community Group

Become one of the businesses that sponsor a day of service!  As a group, you identify a day that you would like to serve as a group and commit to bringing a certain number of people - anywhere from 5 - 25 people.  We provide a brief training (15 minutes) and your group has the opportunity to bond over a service activity.  


Each individual can choose to work with either preschool age through high school students based on their preference.  Click the link below to learn more or email

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Summer Volunteer

The advent of summer means that its time for fun; help us at Homework House make learning fun for our students! Please consider signing up to ensure our students remain academically astute and driven so they can begin next year confidently!

Summer Leader

During our summer session we run program to help kids fight off “Summer Slide” which is the tendency for students, especially those from low-income families, to lose the achievement gains they made during the previous school year. We have opportunities for individuals to help students with reading, writing and more.


This is a unique opportunity for you to gain skills and leadership experience as you work with our students. Email with any questions or click the link to sign up!

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To Apply:

Press the button below to submit your information and we will get back to you within 5 business days.

Not ready to become a summer volunteer just yet? Email for any questions or concerns!

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