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Join our Core Club!

Did you know that monthly giving is an incredibly effective way to support NHH? The NHH Core Club members are a group of dedicated friends like you who make monthly gifts that provide a consistent, reliable source of income allowing us to focus more on our mission and less on fundraising.

A big "thank you!" to

our current Core Club!

Your monthly gift will make an ongoing difference for families in Azusa. For about the cost of a small latte, you can rewrite the future for hundreds of students in Azusa.

One Core Club Family's Story:

Kim and Jon Taylor

“If everyone gives what they can- whether that amount is big or small- it adds up to make a large impact in the lives of the students and families at NHH. Just give what you can!”

Kim and Jon Taylor joined our Core Club in March 2018 following our Annual Event. At the dinner, they heard so many stories about lives that have been changed and decided to contribute more to NHH than they had in the past. In response to why they joined they said, “NHH makes a huge difference in this (Azusa) community and we want to support that work."

Once a Core Club Member, you'll receive:

Honorable mention on the core club page! (with an option for opting out for anonymity)

Invitation to our annual Core Cub Celebration attended by our staff and board!

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Special updates about our on-going work with at-risk children

An Exclusive NHH T-shirt

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This is how your gift will make an impact!


A round of applause for our Core Club!

  • Redeemed Life Church

  • Seth and Karen R.

  • Keren S.

  • Jim and Jan S.

  • Jon and Kim T.

  • Xavier T.

  • Chaili T.

  • Cole and Sharon V.

  • Donna V.

  • Gail W.

  • Richard and Patty M.

  • Connie and David J.

  • Shana & Jaime S.

  • Susan D.

  • Jan W.

  • Jesus A.

  • Bob and Beverly S.

  • Glenkirk Church

  • Cornerstone Church

  • Kimberly A.

  • Gary & Linda A.

  • Alexis B.

  • Fred and Margaret B.

  • Fred and Joy C.

  • Stephanie D'.

  • Dennis and Rhonda B.

  • Mark and Barbara D.

  • Foothill Church

  • Anne H.

  • Bob and Kerry F.

  • Elizabeth G.

  • Genesis G.

  • Jennifer H.

  • Fred and Dawn J.

  • Cheryl K.

  • Bryan L.

  • Andrea L.

  • Rick and Janet M.

  • Marlene and William C.

  • Tristan P.

  • Sarah P.

  • James R.

  • Roy and Sally R.

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