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Celebrating our ESL Learners!

Recently, our “English as a Second Language” (ESL) Program has begun celebrating our students' efforts by initiating a Student of the Month recognition system! The first student to earn the award was Carmen! She has been recognized because of her outstanding efforts and commitment in attaining more knowledge about the English language. For several years, Carmen has attended the program without fail and our tutors have been greatly impressed by her diligence in overcoming newer and harder material! Before class even begins, Carmen engages in conversations with other students and tutors to make sure she and her peers have mastered the skills they have learned previously; at the day’s end, she starts another conversation to solidify the materials that her class has learned that day.

Though programs may be difficult, and recognition may be scarce outside of the Homework House, we believe that it is important to celebrate our students’ achievements, whether they be child or adult. This initiative has allowed us room to honor our adult learners for their efforts as parents, adults, and lifelong learners!

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