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Motivating Students to Reach their Goals!

Monica is an extremely bright 1st grade student and our staff always enjoys her sunny attitude. Her recent short-term goal has been to be one of the top 5 students for our supplemental races in all of the elementary program. You see, when our students finish their homework early they are able to do supplemental activities like reading, writing, spelling, and math. They earn points every time they do an activity and those points into dollars to spend in our Housebuck Store. The store is filled with toys, art supplies, backpacks, sports gear, and other fun items that our students love.

Our staff recognized that Monica already enjoys writing, is fabulous at math, and reads every day, so they challenged her to try spelling. All semester Monica has been working on spelling every time she finished her homework early but still wasn't making it onto the Top 5 Spellers Chart. After months of hard work, we recently noticed that Monica is only four students away from making it onto the Top 5. In fact, she had done so much spelling that she had actually completed the entire 1st grade spelling list and is currently working steadily through the 2nd grade list!

Not only is Monica motivated to work hard towards her goal for the sake of learning, but she is also motivated by the idea of getting to shop in our Housebuck Store. She recently noticed some cool markers in the store and has been eyeing them ever since! For many of our students, especially the younger ones, receiving points to shop in our Housebuck Store is all they need to continue to do their best and learn.

We would love to continue motivating students through our point system but currently do not have enough items in our Housebuck Store to serve our 120 elementary students. Can you help restock our store? We are taking donations ranging from larger toys and sports items to smaller dollar store items. If you are interested in giving or holding a drive to restock our store please contact You can even go to for up to date lists on what items we are asking for or check out our Target & Amazon wishlists by clicking HERE!

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