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The Land of Knowledge

Fifth grader Alex’s family has been part of NHH student since 2011. His family is Chilean but have lived in Azusa for many years. He has overcome health issues and is a very confident and advanced student. Alex has nearly read every book we have on site at Homework House! We are excited for him to become a middle schooler this fall!

Alex also participates in our Weekly Writing Workshop (aka 3W). This is a partnership NHH has established founded by Pomona College students wanting to help at-risk children both improve their grammar and cultivate a love of writing. During 2015, they have expanded to other universities including Azusa Pacific University where at present they work exclusively with NHH families. Twelve of our students participated in the program and we plan to continue it next semester. Through 3W, Alex had the chance to use his imagination and write a creative story.

In Alex’s “The Great Door of the Land of Knowledge,” he steps “out of my classroom only to see my world to disappear and a magical one appear." Please keep reading below to experience Alex's "Land of Knowledge" and to see first hand how community partnerships can benefit our kids!

I stepped out of my classroom only to see my world to disappear and a magical one appear. I saw characters from every book I could imagine. Sherlock Holmes solving a case, Oliver Twist walking around the orphanage, Tom Sawyer on his raft with Huckleberry Finn, Henry Fleming holding the American flag, Stanley Yelnats digging a 5-foot deep hole, King Arthur pulling the sword out of the stone, The Three Musketeers dueling bloodthirsty spies, the phantom of the opera heaving himself throughout a stage and Amelia Earhart flying her plane. I turned and saw Matilda! She was reading a book. Every book you could imagine was here. From Roald Dahl books to Dr. Seuss books. I could even see the Cat in the Hat walking with an umbrella. “Wow, this must be amazing!” I said. I saw the Headless Horseman galloping past by me. “Whoa!” I said to myself. I felt awe by all of this. Even to my own surprise, William Shakespeare was here!

“To be or not to be!” he said.

Even the characters from Hamlet were here!

“Welcome to the Land of Knowledge!” Amelia Earhart shouted from the cockpit of her plane.

“Wow! I never knew this existed!” I said.

“Well, you’re wrong!” she said.

“Awesome!” I said in awe. “I wonder if the BFG is here.” I said to myself.

“I heard you!” the BFG said.

“Hi!” I said.

“Hi yourself!” he said.

I kept on walking. Laura Ingalls Wilder was riding in a canvas-covered wagon rode past me.

“Hi!” she said. “I am on my way to settle west!” she shouted as she got far.

“I am never leaving this place!” I said.

After a while, I started missing my home. “I am going back.” I said. I started walking back home. Surprisingly, there was no sunset, yet it had been over six hours. I ate some food in a cowboy-like bar. Then, a tough-looking cowboy came in. I saw a brutal gunfight. I escaped! I saw the door I first came in with. “So long everybody!” I said sadly and opened the door and went in.

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