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Tutors Walk Away Impacted

As this academic semester comes to an end, it is important to acknowledge how amazing our tutors have been in making an impact on the kids of Azusa Homework House. G.K. Chesterton said it best when he stated that “education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.” Not only are the tutors of Homework House walking away from this program leaving an academic impact, but they are being impacted as well by serving those in need.

We recently received feedback regarding the experiences our tutors have had during their stay, and one tutor stated: “One of the boys that I work with told me thank you for teaching me how to read. That moment made me realize how much homework house impacts them. This experience has been so rewarding, thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with such amazing kids.”

Our program thrives on, not only empowering the minds of students who need academic support, but also enriching the servitude that our tutors experience by making an impact in their community. Powerful leaders of this world have always been supported by someone behind the scenes, guiding them to reach their full potential. We see our tutors as the right-hand support for the future leaders of America and are forever grateful for their time and energy that is always present.

To wrap up the successes of this semester and memories that will forever be cherished, it is important to remain connected in some kind of academic support during the summer rather being drilled to the television screen all day. One of our founding leaders once stated that “a small leak can sink a great ship,” (B. Franklin). Students tend to fall behind during the summer since their brains aren’t being exercised and academic goals are not in place. So get plugged in this summer!

To learn how to stay connected this summer, please email us at or call 626-969-7051 to speak with our Volunteer Coordinator.

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