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Student Encouragement in the Literacy Club

Most educators agree that the use of positive reinforcement can have a powerful impact on student behavior. Recently, one of our very own Homework Help students was struggling with being rewarded for his vast academic improvements, by being invited to join The Literacy Club. This exclusive club caters to elementary students ranging from 2nd-5th graders, who are performing at grade level in math and language arts. These hand selected students participate in the Literacy Club to further help these stellar students expand their skills by working in self-motivated large groups twice a week. The Literacy Club focuses on enriching students by implementing reading, writing, and oral communication labs.

Regarding the Homework House student who was nominated to join the Literacy Club, it's important to note his initial struggle with accepting the invitation due to his fear that students already involved in the club were more advanced then he was. This fearful 5th grader was directed to speak with the Literacy Club advisor to help reassure him that his writing material had improved and he was more than fit to be a part of the club. This student happily changed his mind from his initial negative thoughts after being demonstrated with kindness how he has improved. Thanks to success stories such as this one, Homework Help members are encouraged to help every student feel special by reassuring them that every progress amounts to GREAT progress.

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