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Creating a Vision for Latina Girls!

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During the Adelante Mujer Conference, I had the pleasure of being the lead for the event. I worked alongside Homework House Staff to prepare for the conference. The day of the event, we had five lovely ladies show up in the morning ready to attend the conference. There were two ladies who were very nervous for they had never attended a conference before. It was new to me to see someone nervous to attend a conference, unsure of what to expect, because I had been so used to attending them in the previous years. Once we arrived to Pasadena City College, I could sense the girl's excitement. One particular lady was very excited to hear that a judge was a guest speaker because she was beginning to feel unsure if she could make it as far as being a judge. Her excitement and affirmation that she too can make it as a judge was apparent.

After the keynote speakers ended the opening ceremony, the girls went to workshops that shared their interest. Two young ladies shared their workshop led by a CHP Officer and told me how they met someone who is working where they want to work one day! It was so great to see the girls see other women who are in the professions they want to enter. It affirmed their goals and motivated them to continue persevering. They began to ask more questions about higher education and how to break certain cycles that they have seen in their families in order to begin to change the path in which their families are headed. This conference proved itself to begin having the girl's think about where they are headed and what they want to pursue in life. It not only empowered them as women, but also reminded them that despite life situations, they are in a position for changing their future.

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