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Sharing Grateful Lives & Talents

Last Sunday, our parent group organized a potluck meal and talent show in honor of mothers.As the evening proceeded, two moms, at separate times shared with me their gratitude for the work we do at Homework House and shared how their lives were now different because of Homework House. One shared how she was provided inspiration and hope and as a result began her own cleaning business and her husband too is self employed in LA. The second mother had attended a goal setting session offered some years ago at Homework House and had taken all the necessary steps to become a licensed childcare provider. She shared that because she had experienced such change in her life that she now has as a passion to share with other Hispanic women about the many opportunities that they too can have. Further, she shared that she was designing a conference for 100 women at her church! Amazing!These stories were such gifts to me and I wanted to share these gifts with you. We believe that God is using Homework House to provide hope and tools for families to change the trajectory of their lives. And how exciting that it was our mothers telling the stories, because there is research to suggest that changing the mother's vision changes the families' vision and changes neighborhoods.

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