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Amazing Partnerships!

You have already read about the many partners we have in our newsletters but today we just entered another agreement with Centro Latino for Literacy. Why? Because as we provide information to the parents of our K-12th grade students, we have found that a number of them are not literate in their home language. The Centro has developed an online program whereby Spanish speakers can become literate in their home language. This program will provide the foundational tools for a number of our parents.

Many of you know what research confirms; it is easier to learn a second language when you are literate in your primary language. Homework House has historically offered English as a Second Language seminars and currently we are offering English via computer using Rosetta Stone. Some of our families have been discussing the program opportunities with other neighbors and we have seen an influx in the number of neighbors who would like to acquire English skills. This is exciting!

The new program, Leamos, will be a complement to the online English as a Second Language, GED, and Keyboarding programs. We know that equipping our parents will not only provide them new skills but increase their level of confidence in supporting their students in their educational journey.

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